Tron Hero Max

Get 28% per day ROI forever

Decentralized & Secure smart contract fund

Transparent & Secured

An open source code that is 100% transparent and fair to all its participants, the code can't be modified.


Unstoppable, smart contract will run forever on Tron blockchain.

Instant payouts

Withdraw your profit at any time.

Current Contract balance:
19 380 359

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11 293.98TRX

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Minimum deposit 100 TRX

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Referral rewards


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10% Referral rewards

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5% Referral rewards

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3% Referral rewards



Is TronHero safe?
TronHeroMax is a smart contract which runs on Tron blockchain, the source code is verified and available for review here. No one can modify the source code or delete the smart contract.

That means TronHero is totally decentralized and autonomous.
What do I need to use TronHeroMax?
1. Any DAPP web browser like TronLink Pro, TokenPocket, Klever or TronWallet.

2.Web extension of TronLink for your Chrome web browser.
How does it work?
TronHero is based on community funds support. Everyone in this community are investing and helping each other. By investing you get 28% ROI Daily. To increase their earning and also to make sure that contract never runs out of balance, Reinvestment and Referral Program is there. On top of that, more projects are coming soon which will help Tronhero to grow more faster.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes at TronHero we have a unique referral program and managed through TronHero smart contract. Which allow you to gain rewards in 3 levels of referrals on every investment/reinvestment :
level 1 you get 10.0%
level 2 you get 5.0%
level 3 you get 3%

The referral rewards are distributed to your balance automatically and you can withdraw at any time.
What is your fee amount?
Marketing 4%, Development 2% and operation 2%
Still, have questions?
Ask them in our Telegram Group. It's recommended for every Members to join Telegram Group for realtime updates.

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